Saturday, March 25, 2017

Registration is Here!

Important Details:
Camp Dates are June 27th – July 1st   
Campers attend Tuesday from 2:00-6:00 and Wednesday-Saturday from 9:30-4:00
If this is your first time at Valley Day Camp click here for a document with more information about camp: First Timer Details Click Here

Camp Costs:
  • $110 for 1st-6th grade campers, LIAs - 7th graders, and PA Training (PAITs) - 8th-12th graders who have not taken our Valley Day Camp training before
  • $65 for PAs – 9th – 12th graders who have taken the Valley Day Camp training a previous year
  • $9 (campers and LIAs) or $12 (PAs) for optional additional camp shirt (so you don’t have to do laundry every day)
PA and LIA Details:
PA and LIA registrations are not processed on a first come, first served basis.  Incomplete registrations will not be considered until they are complete.

IMPORTANT: (new this year) On the day you mail your LIA, PAIT, and PA registration/application please send us an email telling us you sent it.  This is how we will keep count of how many applicants and who they are so we can close the programs at an accurate time.  Please put your daughter’s name in the subject line.  Postmark dates will determine whether date cut off has been made or missed.

It is imperative all LIAs, PAITs, and PAs and their parents read the blog post below on March 11th titled PA, PAIT, and LIA applications.

Camper registrations (going into 1st-6th grades this fall) are processed on a first come, first served basis.  Your registration will NOT be processed until all forms and payment are complete. 

Camp is likely to fill quickly, the sooner your completed registration is received the better. Some units may fill the first day.  The registration deadline is May 1st or when the appropriate unit fills, whichever comes first.  In the past ten years we have always filled long before the deadline so please do not wait to get your registration in.
For camp purposes your daughter’s grade is the one she will be entering in the fall, not her current grade.  Forms are age specific; campers going into 1st-6th grades, LIAs (going into 7th grade), and PAs (both returning PAs and PAITs should use this form).  
You will need to complete ALL pages of the Registration Forms and submit full payment before we will begin processing your registration.  Please note that the registration form is multiple pages and you must return ALL of them before we can begin to process your registration.  

Campers may request ONE “buddy” for camp.  BOTH campers must request each other and both be in the same grade in order for us honor their buddy request and ensure their placement in the same unit together. 

We will email you by April 21st to confirm whether your daughter has a space at camp.

We realize it is inconvenient to have to wait to find out if you have a space in camp but we run our registration this way in an attempt to serve the maximum number of girls possible. It pains us to have to turn girls away! However, there are many factors that we have to consider to maintain our high program standards.

Many families find it convenient to have an extra camp shirt so you don’t have to do laundry every night of camp. Additional camp shirts are $9.00 for campers and LIAs.  They are $12.00 for PAs and PAITs.  Extra shirts are only available with your initial registration.

Checks should be made out to Valley Day Camp.
Sometimes registrations need more than one postage stamp.
Your complete registration should be mailed to:
Valley Day Camp
c/o Valarie Cole
3931 Monroe St.
Mandeville, LA 70448
This is not a typo and you are not reading it incorrectly.  Our camp registrar has moved to Louisiana so our registrations are all going there to be processed.  We are thrilled that she will be flying back in June to be here for camp.

I can't wait to have a blast with you at camp!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

PA and PAIT Training Change

In an effort to make the PA and PAIT program accessible to as many of our teens as possible we are moving the date of the mandatory training to Sunday, June 25th from 1:00-6:00.  I have updated the details in the post below.  

Saturday, March 11, 2017

PA, PAIT, & LIA Applications

Our teen leadership programs (PA, PAIT, and LIA) are very important parts of our camp.  We believe that our teens are the future leaders of our community and our world.  We strive to give them a unique and fun leadership experience that will benefit them for many years to come. 

We wish we could take every applicant to our programs but many factors make this impossible for us to do.  If you want to apply for any of our leadership programs please read the information below carefully.

·         PAs and PAITs must attend the mandatory camp training day on Surday, June 25th, no exceptions (please note the date change).  Any PA or PAIT who does not attend the camp training will not be able to attend camp and no refunds will be given for the week.

·         Due to the nature of the leadership programs no one may leave early from camp or miss a day of camp except for an emergency.  If your schedule won’t allow you to participate EVERY day of the camp, Tuesday through Saturday for ALL the scheduled hours then please plan to apply another year when your schedule will allow you to participate fully.

·         Leadership programs have longer hours than campers.  They start earlier and stay later than the campers.  The exact times will be emailed as we get closer to camp. 

·         PA, PAIT, and LIA registrations are not processed on a first come, first served basis.  Incomplete registrations will not be considered until they are complete.  Once these programs are closed no registrations will be accepted for consideration.  We will use the date of the postmark to determine whether the registration was mailed before the closure of the program.

·         PA, PAIT, and LIA registrations also require an application that is completed by the LIA, PAIT, or PA herself and is mailed in with her registration (available online on March 25th).  The link to the application is below. It is available before registration is posted to give girls time to think about their answers.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Important News for 2017

Our theme this year is Outdoor Wise!  Our focus will be enjoying the great outdoors and using outdoor skills.  We’ll do traditional camp activities such as making s’mores, outdoor cooking, and pitching tents plus many other fun activities too!

This weird and wild winter has caused our planning team a bit of a headache because school has now run into our camp week.  We have looked at our options from every angle possible and have finally settled on a bit of an unusual schedule for camp this year.  Camp will run Tuesday, June 27th from 2:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. and then Wednesday, June 28th – Saturday, July 1st from 9:30-4:00.  We know this isn’t ideal for everyone but we believe it is the best option available.  Valley Day Camp is extremely important to us and we can’t fathom summer without it!

Important Dates to note:
  • June 27th – July 1st Valley Day Camp (details above)
  • June 25th – Camp Training Day MANDATORY for all PAs and PAITs, no exceptions
  • March 25th (in the evening) – Registration details and forms posted
  • March 11th – Applications for LIAs, PAITs, and PAs posted. These get mailed with registration after March 25th but we post them early to allow time for girls to complete them

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

More Photos to Share

Today I emailed a link to a parent survey to all parents of Valley Day Campers.  If you didn't receive the email please check your junk mail or send me an email and I will resend it to you.  We really value you feedback!

Monday, June 27, 2016

From the Bottom of My Heart

Your gift of a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts was a truly touching and heart warming gift.  Thank you so much!  It was such a wonderful surprise!  
Hmmm...I guess I'll never be able to retire since I'll be in for life now. ;)

Thank you to all of you who pitched in to make our camp a magnificent place to spend the week!  Every job is important, from setting up the first camp shelter, to loading the last box into the vans headed to storage, and the myriad of jobs in between.  We really couldn't do this with out our wonderful volunteers!  Thank you for showering them with cards on Friday.  It was a very fun surprise.

Thank you parents for sharing your daughters with us for the week! We know that the world is full of options and we are honored that you chose us.  Thanks for being patient in drop off and pick up, for sending large lunches, feeding big breakfasts, listening to a multitude of camp songs, for being on time, and learning new vocabulary words (boondoggle, BIFFY, fairy ring etc.).  We were sad to miss you the family barbeque that is when you get to really see camp and we can get to know you too.  We have our fingers crossed for dry barbecue weather for next year.

With Love, 

Stay Tuned

We are collecting photos from our staff and will continue to update the blog with some fun ones and will let you know when/how you can access more of them.

Have You Missed Me?

Did you lose me?  If so please us at so we can reconnect you.  We will keep the lost and found items until July 10th and then we will donate anything that hasn't been picked up.

More Fun From Friday

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fun Friday

What is Friday like at Valley Day Camp?

Friday starts like any other day at Valley Day Camp.  First we have flag, today the ceremony was done by Unit D.  Then Pagemaster tells a couple of corny jokes.  What happens when it rains cats and dogs?  ...You might step on a poodle.  Then we all head our separate ways to do all the fabulous camp activities.  Today we had cooking, hiking, fire science, survival challenge, etc.  Next we eat lunch. 

Then we throw normal out the window.  After lunch we spend about an hour cleaning camp and packing things up.  Then the party gets started.  We kick it off when the PAs do their traditional Valley Day Camp skit.  They are all so glad to be Program Aides that there is nothing they would rather be, not farmers, carpenters, body builders, pizza makers, ninjas, pizza makers, ballerinas and so on.  After the skit we have a giant "free for all of fun".  Instead of being in our regular units or staying with your buddy we open a ton of activities and let the kids choose where they want to go and when they want to go there.  We had most of the science stations open plus tons of fun activities such as face painting, boondoggling, dress up, giant bubbles, parachutes, racing games (sack races, three legged races, etc.), tossing games (bean bags, balls, juggling, giant bowling, etc.), and more.  

After the party we all head to flag where it might start raining (well today it did anyway) we take a few minutes to reflect on our day, make an echo across the lake, and Pagemaster tells more corny jokes.  When can three giant dinosaurs hide under and umbrella and not get wet?  ...When it's not raining.  Then we head out to the parent pick up area to say good-bye to what many say is the best week of their summer.