Monday, June 18, 2018

Prepare for War...Well, Water War

We don't have any running water at camp.  But the campers sure love our water play station and like to cool off on hot days.  To provide this we need each camper to bring a disposable gallon water jug filled with water to fill our pools.  Each day we will send empty jugs back home with campers to refill and bring back for water play the next day.  Please note, you will not get your same water jug back so please be sure it is both disposable and refillable.  This water is for water play (not for drinking) so filling it from your hose is fine with us.

More Bottles?

Yep, you read that right.  We need more bottles.  In addition to your daily water daily play jug we need all of the campers in Units D-LIAs to bring an additional bottle that is filled with water.  Luckily, you will only need to bring it to camp on one day (see list below).  The bottle will be blasted off of our new rocket launcher.  The water is the fuel for the rocket.  please refer to the photo above for the important details about your bottle (for example, it needs to be made to hold a carbonated beverage).
When is your rocket day?
Monday: E & I
Tuesday: F
Wednesday: D
Thursday: G & H
Friday: LIAs

No Garbage Service at Camp

At camp we do not have any garbage service.  Everything we pack in we have to pack out. 

When you pack your camper's lunch please note they will be bringing all of their lunch trash back home with them.  You may find it helpful to include a resealable container or ziploc bag for them to put all of their trash in so the inside of their lunch box doesn't get extra messy.

Each day a member of each unit will take home any trash generated in their unit that day (debris from crafts, packaging from snack etc.  This trash will come home in a ziploc bag in your camper's backpack.  We will try very hard not to send the trash home with anyone more than once.  

While I do understand that it's annoying to have to clean trash out of the lunch box/backpack every day I don't think it is reasonable to ask my volunteers to do even more.  They already volunteer a minimum of 50 hours of their time and they take home lots of other camp trash all week.  We all appreciate your understanding on this.

No Electronics at Camp

Camp is a magical place.  Kids run, play, learn, enjoy the outdoors, make new friends, and try new things.  In order to keep our camp atmosphere we do not allow any electronics.  Please be sure your camper, LIA, or PA is not bringing any to camp.  Any electronics brought to camp will be confiscated.  They may be picked up after camp by a parent between 5:00-5:30.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Is This Your First Time at Valley Day Camp?

If this is your first time at Valley Day Camp you should receive a separate "First Timer" email that will give you additional information you will need for camp such as, directions to camp, what to expect, etc. If you do not receive it by the evening of Sunday, June 17th please email us so we can resend it to you.

Just a Heads Up

Whenever possible we like to invite all of our camp families to come to camp for an afternoon of entertainment (provided by our talented campers) followed by a picnic dinner.

Due to the parking situation at camp we can only hosts this event when we have had several dry days beforehand.  We won't know for sure whether we'll be able to do this until after camp begins.  But, we wanted you to save Thursday, June 28th 4:30-6:30 on your calendar now just in case.

Medicine at Camp

Girl Scouts of Western Washington is not mandated by law to require that its volunteers administer medications to girl members. Taking over-the-counter or prescribed medication is the responsibility of parents. Girl Scouts of Western Washington strives to be inclusive and to make its programming available to the broadest range of girls possible, and so will allow volunteers to accept the responsibility of administering medications. Please read the information provided at the links below regarding our policy and permissions needed.

At Valley Day Camp we encourage parents to give medication before or after camp if at all possible.  If your camper needs medication during camp you must have the forms below completed and turned in to Clover (our camp nurse) before medication can be given.  All medication must be in its original container, must have current dates, and must have your camper's name on.  We do not provide any over the counter medications (although the Girl Scout forms may indicate otherwise).  All prescription medications require a separate form that must be signed by your medical provider.  Links to all of the forms are below.

Medication and appropriate forms should be brought to camp and given directly to Clover.  If you have meds and forms to drop off let a volunteer know during drop off and they will send Clover to you.

GS Policy on Administering Medication
Form for Prescription Medication
Form for Over the Counter Medication

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Let the Count Down Begin!

Can you believe summer is almost here?!

We're busily preparing for a fabulous week of camp.  I'm sure you will love what we have in store for you.  It's going to be one of our best weeks yet.

All LIAs, PAITs, and PAs should have received pre-camp details by email yesterday.  If you didn't please let us know.

All campers should expect to receive an email with details about their camp unit next weekend (June 9th & 10th).  

We'll also be posting tons of information here in the two weeks before camp.

See you soon!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Registration for All Programs is Closed

All of our registration is now closed.  
As camp draws nearer we will post updates here with all kinds of useful information.
Please be sure to check back for more details in June.
In the meantime if you have any questions be sure to email us at

Friday, March 2, 2018

PA Program Full

Our PA program is now closed.  Applications with today's postmark will be considered.  Any applications postmarked after today will not be considered.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Program Updates - Some Programs Closed

Registration for both our LIA and PAIT programs are closed and we have removed the paperwork from our site.
If you have already mailed your paperwork but we haven't received it yet you will still be considered for the program.  However, any registrations postmarked after today will not be considered.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Urgent Update!

There are two mistakes on our forms.  The forms have been updated but if you printed them before 1:00 p.m. today you'll need to know the following details.

The first is a big one.
The correct mailing address is 
Valley Day Camp
PO Box 556
Duvall, WA 98019

We have contacted the Post Office and they are watching for this error for us and diverting the mail to us.

The second error is that PA and PAIT extra T-shirts are $12.

We're so sorry for the confusion!